Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring of Your Fleet

You always know where your fleet vehicles are

Driving times, the number of kilometers traveled, or vehicle location. These are just some of the data you can access in real-time or in the reports provided by the Get Vehicle Tracking service. The tool itself is easy to install and, most importantly, offers a clear and intuitive interface that will make your work with data easier.

How can I apply the solution at my company?

Basic vehicle monitoring

The basic vehicle tracking solution offering automatic installation and basic reports.

Advanced fleet management

Built-in vehicle tracking device with extensive reports.

Vehicle monitoring "live"

The built-in tracking device and driver’s terminal enable navigation, real-time traffic information, and communication with the office.

Vehicle monitoring in real time

Thanks to Get Vehicle Tracking, you can control fleet vehicles that are both on the move and parked. That way, you gain proof of delivery and, at the same time, monitor the drivers’ working time to ensure that they comply with the rules.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Why should I get vehicle tracking?

Reports on the monitored fleet

Reports with summaries – check when, where, and how vehicles from your fleet are being used. Get detailed reports on the performance of your vehicles on the road. Prove compliance with regulations using reliable and accurate automatic road cards.

Instant notifications and alerts

In Get Vehicle Tracking, you can set warnings and alerts – for example, when a vehicle belonging to your fleet enters or leaves a designated area.

Get Vehicle Tracking Tachograph Manager

The Get Vehicle Tracking Tachograph Manager enables easy retrieval, archiving, and analysis of data. It also allows complying with the rules on working time and driving time.


vehicle tracking app

Use data to save money

Did you know that by analyzing the drivers’ routes, you can achieve significant savings? The Get Vehicle Tracking system records the working time and hours spent behind the wheel and remembers the places where every vehicle from your fleet was located – even during the last 90 days. Thanks to this function you get an immediate overview of routes covered by vehicles marked with unusual situations. This allows specifying places to optimize and make the right decisions for the future that bring savings to your business.

Reliable recording of mileage in the Get Vehicle Tracking System

Minimize the time needed for administration. Use automatic registration of business and private mileage.

data security

Security of personal data

The impression of being observed might not be pleasant. Employees and people representing the interests of employees often have mixed feelings about the privacy policy applied to vehicle monitoring solutions. Get Vehicle Tracking takes the issue very seriously and considers it when refining your products. An external inspector for personal data carries out audits and audits to ensure compliance with data protection legislation. In addition, every driver has full control over personal information. After finishing work, it is enough to switch the professional Get Vehicle Tracking navigation device to private mode. Vehicle monitoring is then turned off, and the driver can carry out private activities.

Quality confirmed by a certificate

The security of your data is our priority. That’s why we constantly invest in the development of the company and have obtained a certificate in the field of information security management.

vehicle tracking certificate

Do you need more information? Read the following explainer article:

How does the vehicle’s location system work by GPS?

Get to know Get Vehicle Tracking

GPS is a satellite radio navigation system created by the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Based on data from satellites that are moving on the Earth’s orbit, GPS can be used free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone travelling with a GPS receiver can determine their position and speed of movement.

Our company has developed a GPS vehicle tracking system for business customers. Our GPS vehicle tracking system is extended to include a communication channel that provides fleet connectivity to the office and offers detailed data on tracked vehicles. All information is available online, allowing you to quickly check vehicle positions, assign tasks, and manage your workflow via a Bluetooth® connection. It also allows you to effectively reduce fuel consumption through the use of driving style analysis.

Connecting vehicles to the office through a GPS vehicle tracking system

Each tracking device mounted in the vehicle has an integrated GPS receiver used to record the position of the vehicle and a GSM transmitter that transmits these. At the office, fleet managers can log in to the secure online application of the Vehicle Tracking System to monitor the journey of individual vehicles equipped with a vehicle tracking system. Position data is updated every minute, so you have access to up-to-date information every time you need to make an important decision.

Monitoring the driving style using GPS vehicle tracking system

The vehicle tracking system can analyze acceleration and rapid movements such as harsh braking and sharp steering. The device also measures the current speed and idle time. By tracking vehicle movements in the Get Vehicle Tracking app, you can determine which driving style contributes to higher fuel consumption and take steps to change to a more efficient driving style.

Expansion of vehicle tracking systems via GPS

To increase the GPS vehicle tracking capability, just add one of our professional navigation devices. They enable two-way communication, making it easier to manage time and assign tasks. They connect to the device using Bluetooth technology, informing drivers about the need to change their driving style through the GVT Feedback System.

For more information on the benefits of vehicle tracking systems via GPS, please visit our vehicle tracking page. All our tracking solutions offer drivers great benefits from the very beginning.